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1. Reform in Public Financial Management in Bangladesh is on going since birth of Bangladesh. However, the present phase of reform in this sector stared with formation of Committee on Reform in Budgeting and Expenditure Control (CORBEC) in 1989. CORBEC report was accepted by the Government in 1993.
2. On the basis of recommendation of this committee Reform in Budgeting and Expenditure Control Project (RIBEC) was launched in 1995. Apart from implementing specific suggestions on macro-economic policy issues including budget formulation, in the public accounting side of the RIBEC project worked on rules, regulations, codes, manuals, introduction of new digital classification chart for government budgeting and accounting and automation of government accounting in the Controller General of Accounts (CGA) Office. Following major works were performed in three phases of RIBEC project ending in June 2002:
  a. Updating Treasury Rules, General Financial Rules (GFR) and Account Code.
  b. Introduction of Classification Chart for Government Budgeting and Accounting with 13- digit Classification Codes defining legal, functional , operational and economic aspect of each code.
  c. Computerisation of central accounting system of CGA by installing Central Data Processing Unit (CDPU).
  d. Establishing Central Reconciliation Unit (CRU) in CGA.
  e. Launching of District Accounts Office and Upazilla Accounts Office manual.
3. Financial Management Reform Programme (FMRP) was launched  in July 2003 with following major objectives in the Government Accounting area:
  a. Improved Treasury and Cash Management systems in GoB financial management arrangements, including bank reconciliation.
  b. Improved Quality of Accounts and Financial reporting relating to both revenue and development budget accounting information.  (Receipts and Expenditure).
  c. Computerisation of Government Accounts linking all pay points.
4. Following major works and activities were performed during the FMRP period form July 2003 to September 2009:
  a. Launching automated Integrated Budgeting & Accounting System (iBAS) for capturing every day transactions and accounting information of all government pay and account offices.
  b. Launching of wide area network (WAN) linking 64 DCA and DAO offices and 49 CAO offices across the country for facilitating everyday accounting data transmission to CGA and Finance Division.
  c. Improved quality of Government Accounts
  d. Introduction of automated import of debit & credit scroll data form banks performing treasury functions
  e. Examine & determine CGA Training requirement.
5. FMRP came to an end in September 2009. Deepening MTBF & Strengthening Financial Accountability (DMTBF & SFA) Project took over the charge of running iBAS and helping CGA with account consolidation, bank reconciliation and human resource development during the bridging period of eight months from November 2009 to June 2010. Following are the major objectives of the current bridging period:
  a. Facilitate & Support smooth running of iBAS including IT support.
  b. Assist effective running of banking system.
  C. Enhance & develop the financial management capacity of CAOs through training.
  d. Examine & determine CGA Training requirement.
At present DMTBF & SFA Project is performing the jobs listed above.

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